Jami Murphy
I received my Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University in 1990. I was inspired to begin teaching young children when my own children were beginning their preschool experience. Observing the importance of early support and encouragement with qualified staff created my own passion for teaching. I have eleven years experience teaching children ages 3-6. With the completion of my Director's Qualification in Early Childhood Education, starting my own preschool will be an adventure that I'm prepared and excited to begin. I look forward to supporting your children in their growth academically, physically, and socially, helping them create the best foundation for their future!

Dana Merveldt
I have lived in Monument for 15 years, and have worked in area preschools for 7 years. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science degree. For several years, I worked in business/marketing, but after seeing the impact preschool has had on my children’s education, I wanted to give back by working with young children myself. It has become my passion to help children grow academically and socially, and to help establish a positive attitude toward school. I have received Group Leader Qualification in Early Childhood Education, and I am very excited about implementing my education and experience at Bright Start Preschool!